Alfred lord tennyson biography analysis

The story of Ulysses is perhaps most famous for the kidnapping of Helen of Troy and the efforts of Ulysses and his men to take her back from the Trojans. Throughout the poem, Tennyson attempts to imagine life from the perspective of the title character, Ulysses. After ten years away from home, the Greek is now faced with the prospect of one final voyage. But, after a decade of adventures, the character dwells on whether he wants to remain with the mundanity and boredom of life at home, as well as whether he is the same man who left all those years ago.

Alfred lord tennyson biography analysis

He was the fourth of twelve children. Alfred was a bright and talented boy, and the fine physique and manly good looks which characterized Alfred lord tennyson biography analysis as an adult were noticeable even at an early age.

Until he was eleven, Tennyson attended a grammar school in the nearby town of Louth, of which he later had very unhappy memories. From then on, he remained at home, where he studied under the close supervision of his scholarly father.

Tennyson demonstrated his literary talents quite early, and by the age of fourteen had written a drama in blank verse and a line epic poem. He was also interested in the study of science, particularly astronomy and geology. Ina small volume entitled Poems by Two Brothers, containing works by Alfred and Charles Tennyson, as well as a few short contributions by Frederick Tennyson, was published in Louth.

InTennyson enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge. Despite his intelligence and good looks, he was excessively shy and was quite unhappy.

After a while, however, he joined an informal club known as "the Apostle" which counted among its members the most outstanding young men at the university.

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Here he was praised highly for his poetry, and he made the acquaintance of Arthur Henry Hallam, a brilliant young man, who was to become his closest and dearest friend. InTennyson won the Newdigate Prize for poetry.

Inwhile Tennyson was still an undergraduate, his volume Poems, Chiefly Lyrical was published, but it made no significant impression of the reading public.

That summer he and Hallam went to Spain with the romantic notion of joining a band of insurgents in the Pyrennes. They successfully delivered a large sum of money collected on behalf of the rebels, but there is no record of their having participated in any military engagement.

Inafter his return, Tennyson was forced to leave the university without taking his degree, due to the death of his father. Afterward, Tennyson lived quietly with his family at Somersby. He spent his time working on his poems and engaging in various outdoor sports and activities.

Hallam was engaged to one of Tennyson's sisters and spent a great deal of time at the family home, so that the two young men were able to be together often. As a result, despite the fine lyrics mentioned above, the book received a very harsh critical reaction. Tennyson had never been able to stand criticism of his work, and he was deeply hurt.

For a long time he wrote nothing, but he finally resolved to devote himself to the development of his poetic skill. InHallam died suddenly while in Vienna. The shock of this tragic loss affected Tennyson severely.

Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Brief Biography

He withdrew completely from all his usual activities and spent his time in mourning and meditation. During his bereavement he thought often about his affection for Hallam and about such problems as the nature of God and the immortality of the soul.

During this long period of anguish and grief, Tennyson composed many very moving elegies and lyrics on the death of his beloved friend. These were eventually collected and published in and are considered one of the greatest elegaic works in English literature, In Memoriam: During the next few years, Tennyson continued to live with his family, which had now moved to London, and to apply himself to his studies and writing.

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He became engaged to Emily Sellwood, despite the objection of her parents, but felt it was impossible for them to marry because his financial resources were so limited. Ina two-volume collection of his work appeared, containing many revisions of earlier poems, besides a number of excellent new ones, including "Morte d'Arthur," "Ulysses," and "Locksley Hall.

At this time Tennyson lost his small inheritance through a foolish investment and suffered a serious nervous breakdown as a result. Upon his recovery he was provided with an annual pension by the British government. In Juneafter an engagement of thirteen years, Tennyson and Emily were married.Alfred Lord Tennyson A Concise Biography Lincoln Marshall A Lifetime to Remember Alfred Lord Tennyson was a precautious man for a good part of his life.

Alfred lord tennyson biography analysis

He . Oct 03,  · Alfred Lord Tennyson Biography Alfred Lord Tennyson ( – ) At a Glance Born 6 August Somersby, Lincolnshire, England Died 6 October (aged 83). On Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s early triumph ‘Mariana’ was Tennyson’s first great poem.

Published in his volume Poems, Chiefly Lyrical when Tennyson was still an undergraduate student at Cambridge, it has become one of his best-loved poems and a timeless poem about unrequited love and the abandoned lover.

Analysis of The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Alfred Lord Tennyson Alfred Tennyson is a poet who was born in and died in

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