An analysis of the importance of college education

Vijay Sharma July 1, 2 Comments Why is education so important because it is a part of our life.

An analysis of the importance of college education

Knowledge of the basic theories of leadership. Ability to lead a project. Ability to understand and take turns as a leader and follower alternatively.

Ability to supervise members of a group. Only a quality future human capital can envision development of its nation to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, the inculcation of soft skills among the students will be two prongs, to produce quality human capital and to develop their knowledge, understanding, values and skills as well.

How the two skills blend together will be discussed here. There are eight sub-skills under communicative skills of which three are the must have skills and five are the good to have skills.

Communicative skills are an integral part of any education system either in higher education or lower education. As mentioned earlier, in many countries, basic education or primary education is mandatory and it focuses on reading, writing and ciphering.

People learn to read books, write letters, figure accounts and develop skills necessary to fulfill their expected roles in their households and community. At this very level, emphasis has been given to develop the communicative skills of individual so that by the time they leave college, they are able to participate in public and community activities and decision making.

An analysis of the importance of college education

What is found to be missing in the nation? The absence of good communicative skills somehow or rather has an influence on the poor presentation of their views and decisions made to gain others?

Communicative skills have also been greatly emphasized in the reorientation of basic education for ESD Education for sustainable development which is: The communicative skill seemed to be one important component that lacks in the future human capital.

The incompetence of the future graduates to master both languages will be a set-back to a lot of potential development and advancement of the country.

Thus, this is a good time to reorientate the curriculum of higher institutions to embed communicative skills. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills This skill includes the ability to think critically, creatively, innovatively and analytically.

It also involves the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to new and different problems as well. For ESD to be successful, it must give people practical skills that will enable them to continue learning after they leave school, to have a sustainable livelihood and to live sustainable lives.

The critical thinking skills, skills to organize and interpret data and information, skills to formulate questions and the ability to analyze issues that confront communities are greatly addressed in the reorientation of basic education in ESD.

The following are some examples of skills that comply with ESD and some of these skills are similar to the? The ability to think about systems both natural and social sciences.

All the above skills are important and students will require them as adults. Students are encouraged to play their role in the group and to respect opinions and attitudes of others in the group.The importance of a college education is dependent on what you want to do for a living.

Pursuing an education can be important for expanding points of view, cultural perspectives, historical understanding, methods of thought and career-based understanding. Education holds the key to your child's future. Education can help your child reach his/her life goals and dreams.

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