Business writing workshops miami fl

I will definitely be attending more of those. Before I became a member and was checking out an event that made me decide to join, Betsy Earle became a client of mine. We started working together because of the Chamber, and that is one of the reasons why I joined.

Business writing workshops miami fl

Mary's goal is to guide and facilitate you to as you transform yourself inside and out. She works together with her clients to facilitate their connection to themselves and the divine.

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She is originally from Cork, Ireland but currently reside in Murrieta, California with her husband, 2 sons and assorted livestock. Here is her story in her own words: I turned my sights to medicine, however, that did not happen for me at that point of my life.

I moved forward and discovered a Food Chemistry class in college. I fell in love and never could have predicted how that decision would alter the course of my life.

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In my eldest son was diagnosed with autism. After a few years of traditional therapy I realized he needed more help so I quit my job and decided to put my full knowledge of food and science into healing him.

After extensive research I found many tools and products that I used on a daily basis. I also radically changed how we ate, and my son started to heal. He went from being moderately autistic, to very mild. So mild, that most people would not realize that he has a diagnosis.

For me, I saw the power of healing foods and alternative healing. InI decided to share the tools and knowledge I have found through a business I created called Dr.

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A year into my business I was doing well, my family was thriving, I had a terrific husband so why was I feeling so blah? During an encounter with a dear friend and neighbor, Amy, I shared my woes with her.

I was a little taken aback- what did she mean? I went to church, I even prayed! In my very first session I experienced unconditional love from the Divine source, the Creator of all, God, whatever you want to call it. Something way bigger then me. I realized that I was deeply loved and that I was Love.

Right then, I knew this was what I was meant to do.This reoccurring column takes the classic writing advice “good writers are good readers” and puts it to work, by looking at books across all time periods and all genres to . To search for a resource listing in a different state, return to the state pages.

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for an attorney. Try zip codes for other nearby towns. Art workshops, classes and retreats for artists. Watercolor workshops, drawing classes, oil painting classes, pastel workshops, photography workshops, acrylic painting workshops, sculpture classes, digital workshops, collage workshops, ceramics workshops, pottery workshops, mixed media art classes, metalsmithing and jewelry workshops.

business writing workshops miami fl

Internal Audit Reports can significantly lose their affect if not written professionally. Writing an audit report is a fine art and, once perfected, can take on more importance than the audit itself. You have nearly completed your audit, and now must write the audit report.

For most auditors, this is the most tedious part of the audit process. Metaphysical Store Soul Centre () - Kari Ghanem - North Orlando Avenue, Suite # - Winter Park, FL Profile: Soul Centre is here to . Foreign Languages. Learning a foreign language provides you with valuable benefits, both personally and professionally.

Expand your career opportunities in the global market, explore exciting travel adventures and gain deeper insights into other cultures.

The Florida Writing Workshop – Get Your Writing Published: August 4, (Tampa)