Case studies unit hsc31 nvq3 health and social care promote effective communication for and about in

Your assessor should complete a skill scan with you which is a short discussion about your job role and activities you carry out regularly at work. This discussion should be recorded in a form called a skill scan; the format of the form differs from centre to centre. Sometimes candidates think they can choose a unit that they would like to explore new skills and knowledge on but unfortunately this is not the main objective of going through an NVQ rather it is to assist you package your experience and competence on your job into a certificate for which you need sufficient, valid, reliable and authentic evidence.

Such an approach would enable health care professionals in the organization to improve their performance by great margins, which would eventually help them in delivering effective care to the patients and try to improve their health and well being Muldoon and Miller, Developing new care plans can also prove to be very useful in this regard.

Reflecting own contribution to supporting individuals It is a well known fact that giving support to people who experience significant changes in their lives is of great importance. This is primarily because in such situations people tend to break down and stop living their lives.

Thus, it is imperative for people associated with such individuals to be able to help them and bring their life back on track, no matter how it hard or difficult it may be Aslib Social Sciences Group, In this context, I possess many skills which enable me to take care of such people and also make sure that they do not get into conditions of depression and over burden themselves with tension.

For instance; I am very good at communicating with people, understanding them and giving them such advices through which they can easily handle the scenario of bereavement of their close and loved ones Azelrod, Over the years, I have been talking to many people who experienced substantial changes in their life and help them to overcome the problems and issues they face during such time periods.

Being able to communicative in a variety of ways are of great importance, because every individual has different needs and wants and also intensity of situation of every such person is different from one another Lukinova, Myagkov and Shishkin, Other than this, my inter-relationship skills are of crucial nature in this context, as it helps me in not only interacting with people, but also in gaining a thorough understanding of them, with which I can in a much better way help them to get over the situation.

While providing support to people with significant life experiences, I have learned that it is crucial that I possess a wide array of skills and abilities, as it would enable me to provide the best care and fulfill demands of the patients in an effective manner.

Herein, I also learned that it is not an easy task to provide such care to the individuals as there are many areas and aspects which have to be paid a lot of attention to in this regard.

Recently a friend of mine lost his mother because of which he was in a state of shock and experienced mental and emotional breakdown. He had lost the need to eat food and became weak. In this regard, I had to support him so that he could face the situation of death of his mother easily and be able to lead a normal life.

Herein, I used by excellent communication skills and tried to talk him out of the shock state and communicated with him on a regular basis, so that he does not feel isolated.

I also extend my support to him by helping him manage the household work and his professional life as well. Recommendations for improving support available in a care home Making constant improvements and enhancements in the services that are provided to people or service users in a care home is of great importance.

This is mainly because it helps health care institutions to much effectively help people the patients as well as their family members and relatives to go through such periods.

Case studies unit hsc31 nvq3 health and social care promote effective communication for and about in

There are a lot of areas where such organizations can improve themselves. For starters, necessary steps can be taken, so as to develop a new department at workplace that will interact with people who undergo severe changes in their lives such as bereavement and the likes.

Thus, the health care firm can not only treat patients and cure them, but also help people to overcome difficult times and keep on living life the way they do.

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Apart from this, according to case study, hospitals and care homes can also start to provide burial services and assistance to people who get bereaved. Many a times, such people undergo this issue for the first time and have no experience in how to handle it.

Such services can help in boosting their morale. During the case it was seen that Mrs.This case study illustrates the benefits of collecting and using equality information to identify the needs of people with particular protected characteristics and to measure progress in .

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There are a case study assessment for this unit located in Unit CHCADV, that you are also required to complete. CHCDIS This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to implement behaviour support strategies outlined in an individualised behaviour support plan for a person with disability.

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NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care. Having formal qualifications and training in Health and Social Care makes you invaluable to your employer within the Health and Social Care sector irrespective of the kind of care setting – this could be a sheltered housing, a residential/nursing home or domiciliary care settings.

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Case studies unit hsc31 nvq3 health and social care promote effective communication for and about in

HSC31 – Promote effective communication for and . Someone who has a Health and Social Care NVQ Level 2 that includes supporting individuals with personal care needs, for example, would be qualified to a similar level of skill as a person with NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing, retail, or business administration.

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