Current scenario of women entrepreneur in india

Microfinance and poverty[ edit ] Financial needs and financial services. In developing economies and particularly in rural areas, many activities that would be classified in the developed world as financial are not monetized: This is often the case when people need the services money can provide but do not have dispensable funds required for those services, forcing them to revert to other means of acquiring them.

Current scenario of women entrepreneur in india

The essential feature of the self-employed is that they have autonomy decide how, where and when to produce and economic independence in respect of choice of market, scale of operation and finance for carrying out their operation. The same five states also have the combined share of about 50 per cent of total employment.

Entrepreneurship has gained greater significance at global level under changing economic scenario. It admits environment of super mall culture we find plenty of scope for entrepreneurship in trading and manufacturing.

Then who is an Entrepreneur?????????????? An entrepreneur is a person who is able to look at the environment, identify opportunities to improve the environmental resources and implement action to maximize those opportunities.

This is why entrepreneurship is considered to be a prime mover in development of nations. Redefining entrepreneurship Organizations will face seven trends in the next decade as they flight to survive, grow and remain competitive.

Speed and uncertainty will prevail. Technology will continue to disrupt and enable. Demographics will dictate much of what happens in business. Work will be done anywhere, anytime. Employment as we know it will disappear. Women entrepreneurs have been making a significant impact in all segments of the economy in India, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and the United States.

The areas chosen by women are retail trade, restaurants, hotels, education, insurance, and manufacturing. Women takes up business enterprises to Profession as a challenge and an independent occupation.

Free entry into world trade. Improved risk taking ability. Governments of nations withdrawn some restrictions Technology and inventions spread into the world.

Encouragement to innovations and inventions. Promotion of healthy completions among nations Consideration increase in government assistance for international trade. Establishment of other national and international institutes to support business among nations of the world.

Social and cultural development.

7 Responses Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities:
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Problems of raising capital Difficulty in borrowing fund. Thought-cut completions endangered existence of small companies. Problems of availing raw-materials. Problems of obsolescence of indigenous technology Increased pollutions Ecological imbalanced. Exploitation of small and poor countries, etc.

Out of total As per a rough estimate the number of SSIs are expected to be2. Combined effect of motivational drive, preparation of information material, conducting training, creation of women industrial estates, and training of promoters and use of mass media all together is bound to accelerate the process of women entrepreneurship development.

Role conflict Cultural values Lack of courage and self-confidence Inadequate encouragement Lack of social acceptance Unjust social, economic and cultural system Lack of freedom of expression Afraid of failures and criticism Susceptible to negative attitude Low dignity of labour.

Indian rural economy is also experiencing behavior of entrepreneurial. Aim of most farmers is to earn profits from farming as from any other business, There for entrepreneurship is not simply adoption of new activity but it is transformation of a person from traditional of modern.

Opportunities For Rural Entrepreneurs: Challenges For Rural Entrepreneurs: There are ample opportunities in small businesses are there in India such opportunities will transform India in the coming future. For such transformation to happen there needs to be supporting both at the governmental and societal level.

The scope of entrepreneurship development in our country is tremendous. The rising unemployment rate 9.

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In addition there is always problem of underemployment. As a result, increasing the entrepreneurial activities in the country is the only solution left with govt. The reports prepared by Planning Commission to generate employment opportunities for 10 crore people over the next ten years have strongly recommended self-employment as a way-out for teaming unemployed youth.Women Entrepreneur: Women entrepreneurs have been making a significant impact in all segments of the economy in India, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and the United States.

The areas chosen by women are retail trade, restaurants, hotels, education, insurance, and manufacturing.

Current scenario of women entrepreneur in india

Role of Women Entrepreneurs in India but also due to negative circumstances such as low family income, lack of employment opportunities, dissatisfaction with a current job or the need for flexible.

ROLE OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN INDIAN ECONOMY Vibhavari M. Chavan1, , Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR), Belapur CBD, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, (India) ABSTRACT Women entrepreneurship was a neglected domain during the past, but with the spread of education and global scenario.

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Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India Miss Pooja, Lecturer Mr. Surinder Bhatia, Lecturer SSIMT, Dinanagar SSIMT, Dinanagar _____ _____ Executive Summary One primary objective of this paper is to find out the status of women entrepreneurs in India. In Hindu scriptures, woman has been described as the embodiment of shakti.

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Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities: Indian Scenario