Deep into the mind of young killers

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Deep into the mind of young killers

Bundy August 26, — December 9, was an American serial killer. Bundy and Doug Clark became known as "The Sunset Strip Killers" after being convicted of a series of murders in Los Angeles during the late spring and early summer of The victims were young prostitutes or runaways.

Background Bundy, a divorcee with two children living in the San Fernando Valley, went to police claiming that her lover, Clark, had told her he had killed several young women.

Deep into the mind of young killers

All had been shot with a gun Bundy had purchased. Bundy claimed initially that she knew nothing of the murders, "only what Clark told me". Shortly before going to police, Bundy, who worked as a nurse, had shot to death, stabbed and beheaded another lover, Jack Murray.

Bundy eventually confessed to that murder but claimed it was self-defense. Later, Bundy also admitted that she had been present during one of the murders for which Clark was charged. That murder took place in a car parked behind a gas station in East Hollywood.

Bundy claimed Clark shot a prostitute in the head while the prostitute was in the act of fellatio. Bundy had hired the girl for Clark's birthday. Clark insisted Bundy was the shooter. Both agreed that they had disposed of the body together. Clark has always claimed that Bundy and Murray committed the murders and he was merely Bundy's fall guy.

Trial Clark's trial was a pitch-black portrait of the San Fernando Valley underworld of the late s, a world in which Bundy and Clark went on endless sexual adventures.

Clark himself had engaged in a long sexual relationship with the year-old girl who babysat Bundy's children. However, the highlight of the trial was Bundy's account of how Clark had taken the head off one of his victims, had oral sex with it in a shower and stored it in his ice box.

Bundy's testimony was critical; all other evidence introduced against Clark was circumstantial. Moreover, no forensic examination was ever performed comparing the body of the girl who had been beheaded with Murray's body. The evidence included a piece of bloody scalp found in the ceiling of Murray's van.

That evidence was mentioned but not introduced at Clark's trial. Bundy plea bargained and, in return for her testimony, received a life sentence. Death Bundy died in prison of heart failure in Clark, Douglas Daniel and Bundy, Carol Born inthe son of a retired navy admiral turned international engineer, Douglas Clark had lived in 37 countries by the time he settled in Southern California.

He liked to call himself "the king of the one-night stands," supplementing his machinist's income through affairs with frowsy matrons, reserving his leisure time for kinky liaisons with underaged girls and young women. In private moments, he cherished dark fantasies of rape and murder, mutilation and necrophilia, yearning for the moment when his dreams could graduate to stark reality.

At age 37, Carol Bundy was typical of Clark's conquests. A vocational nurse, the overweight mother of two had left her abusive husband in Januaryquickly falling in love with the manager of her new apartment building. A native of Australia, year-old John Murray sang part-time in a local country-western bar, but he was never too busy to help out a tenant in need.

Next, he took her to an optometrist, where she was fitted for glasses, enabling her to discard her white cane. Enraptured, Carol began deliberately clogging the toilets and drains in her apartment, anything at all to bring the manager around.

Soon they were lovers, but Murray was married, refusing to give up his family. In October, Carol approached his wife.Summary and reviews of Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann, plus links to a book excerpt from Killers of the Flower Moon and author biography of David Grann.

Hedonistic killers, the third classification, make up the majority of serial killers. This category is further broken down into three subcategories: comfort killers, lust killers, and thrill killers.

Comfort killers see killing as an unfortunate speed bump in their main mission. Rather than focusing solely on well-known serial killers (although some will be included), we’re looking at a more diverse group — both men and women, different races and nationalities, etc.

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