Essay on medical technology

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Essay on medical technology

Technology-Associated Medical Errors Medical Technology and Patient Safety Advances in medical technology can be a double-edged sword, according to the numerous research findings discussed by Powell-Cope and colleagues On the one hand improved technology can prevent adverse events from happening, thereby reducing the prevalence of medical errors, but the introduction of new technology into a clinical setting can create unintended consequences as well, including patient harm.

The main factors controlling the efficacy of medical technology discussed by the authors were organizational, social, and environmental. One of the examples discussed was an increase in pediatric mortality following hospital-wide implementation of a computerized physician order entry CPOE system.

The authors of this study attributed the observed medication errors to disruptions in workflow caused by the CPOE system, which is an organizational factor. The main problem cited by clinicians was the inability to prepare medications in anticipation of the patient's arrival. Other organizational factors that could have contributed to the increased mortality rates were relocating critical medications to a central and less accessible location and an inflexible design preventing physicians from making change orders.

Essay on medical technology

The study by Yong and collegues also uncovered social factors that might have increased the risk of medical errors. These included clinicians spending less time with patients and colleagues because of the need to sit at the computer terminal. The assumed consequences included being less aware of important changes in the patient's status and missing opportunities through collaboration for improving the quality of care.

Acknowledging the organizational factors that may have contributed to the problems in Pittsburgh the Seattle PICU CPOE system was implemented gradually over time in phases, rather than all at once as it was done in Pittsburgh.

Medication order sets were created and thoroughly vetted before implementation. Critical medications were not centralized, but left….An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense intuitive linear view.

So we won't experience years of progress in the 21st century -- it will be more like 20, years of progress (at today's rate). The returns, such as chip speed and cost-effectiveness, also increase . Essay about medical technology missions.

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Essay required scholarships The object is the tangible dimension of technology. The procedure is the focused and standardized plan that guides the use of the object according to defined purposes.

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Essay on medical technology
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