Essays on the history of new york city

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Essays on the history of new york city

Glossary New York New York is a sweeping, four-century tale set in the most exciting city on earth. Along the way we meet the KellersGerman shopkeepers who produce a famous photographer, and the O'Donnell family, who emerge from the gangs of New York, rise through Tammany Hall and marry into the English aristocracy.

We discover how the city almost left the Union at the start of the Civil Warand experienced the terrible Draft Riots and the Great Blizzard of At the start of the twentieth century, the Carusos immigrate through Ellis Islandwitness the great Crash ofand help construct the Empire State Building.

Larger-than-life historical characters fill the background: Rutherfurd offers the reader a chance to watch a rural outcrop grow into one of the world's greatest cities in a mere years. He delivers magnificently on the challenge; it is hard to imagine any other writer combining such astonishing depth of research with the imagination and ingenuity to hold it all together.

From Booklist - "Rutherfurd, bestselling author of the novel Londonhas penned a lush, lavish tribute to the Big Apple. As he marches through the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, two world wars, multiple waves of immigration, and the phoenix-like reemergence of a downtrodden New York as the vital center of the economic, social, and cultural universe at the end of the twentieth century, he interweaves the fascinating stories of a multitude of characters, all of whom were profoundly affected by the evolution of the largest and most complex American city.


He is at the top of his game with this book, which tells the story of New York fromwhen it was New Amsterdam and a Dutch settlement, to the terrible events of September As in all his books, the story follows the lives of a few fictional families through time, with historical events interwoven, including the rise of New York as the financial capital of the U.

The families represent a cross-section of New York.

Essays on the history of new york city

He obviously knows the city well and has great affection for it. When I finished, I thought about how wonderful it is that there are writers like Edward Rutherfurd who make vast amounts of history so incredibly entertaining. This novel is almost as big as the Empire State Building…but it is worth the effort.

Rutherfurd traces the development of the Big Apple from the first Indians in the marshes to the Twin Towers. Michener, but also something more interesting. The characters, with few exceptions, are drawn with genuine depth; the plot offers numerous surprising twists; and a theme of real weight builds to a moving conclusion.

New York Story – Essay Sample I consider myself lucky for being one of few people to be born here. New York City has a vast amount of diversity and culture.
NY Daily News - We are currently unavailable in your region It is not only a huge business hub, but also an American cultural symbol for opportunity, hard work, energy, and eclecticism. But have you ever wondered about the history of this great city?
Popular Essays James's older brother, King Charles IIhad appointed the Duke proprietor of the former territory of New Netherlandincluding the city of New Amsterdamwhich England had recently seized from the Dutch.

It opens in with a Dutch immigrant and the half-Indian daughter he loves but does not acknowledge for fear of offending his proud wife. Manhattan was founded on a misunderstanding.

What the Indians considered a gift made "for the right to share their hunting grounds for a season or two," the Europeans considered the price for "buying the land in perpetuity. Almost a third of the novel covers the Revolutionary War, beginning with the early tensions between England and the Colonies.

New York was under British rule during much of the War, its merchant families mostly loyal to the Crown. The fictional Master family is divided, so both loyalist and patriot viewpoints are explored with perceptive sympathy, though without moral blinders.

New York - HISTORY

Rutherfurd's heart clearly lies with the American effort to forge a more democratic society. Naturally, such notable events as the Civil War draft riots and the stock market crash are explored—but it's typical of Rutherfurd's approach to portray the electrical blackout while only alluding to the more easily stereotyped blackout.

The disastrous Triangle factory fire in which garment workers died, mostly young immigrant women, poignantly foreshadows September 11, —and reminds readers of the city's persistence in turning tragedy to strength. To the Dutch, New Amsterdam. To the English — and now to the world — New York City.

But how exactly did the relatively small island Peter Minuit purchased infor next to nothing, become one of the most — if not the most — powerful and influential cities mankind has ever seen? In his seventh novel, New York, published by Doubleday last month, best-selling author Edward Rutherfurd — known for weaving together epic tales of historical fiction, as seen through the eyes of a number of families — traces the history of the city from to the present day.Sep 22,  · Prior to the Great Depression, New York City was controlled by the corrupt political machine Tammany Hall.

With the advent of the Great Depression, new York City’s population exploded. Unfortunately, the economy of New York City was negatively affected in the same manner that the rest of the nation and extreme change was required.

A History of New York City Skyscrapers Whenever anyone thinks of New York City one of the first things that come to mind is the tall extravagant skyscrapers located in this city. Since the late nineteenth century New York has been home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

20 Great Articles and Essays about New York The best writing about New York City life What Makes New York?

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Here is New York by E. B.

Essays on the history of new york city

White Jill Meilus is a New York City real-estate broker. Like Superman, she can see through walls. Sardine Life by Justin Davidson The ins and outs (and ups and downs) of vertical living.

Jul 17,  · You can say this was the true start of the modern New York City. From a relatively peaceful Native American settlement of the Lenape people to American rule, New York City has had a bloody, tumultuous history of banner-changing, massacres, mass fires, slavery, and revolt.

New York fascinates me. I remember I didn’t like New York at first and was confused why the city is so famous. Downtown was ok but there is only so much you can enjoy it.

New York City - Essay

On one of the visits that lasted three months approximately I got to explore the city and fell in love with it. The New York City smog was an air-pollution event, with damaging levels of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, smoke, and covered the city from November 23 to 26, which was that year's Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

It was the third major smog in New York City, following events of similar scale in and On November 23, a large mass of stagnant air over the East Coast.

20 Great Articles and Essays about New York