Favorite trip

The memories I have from those trips are some of the most vivid of my childhood, and I strongly encourage a road trip on any occasion when gas prices dip.

Favorite trip

Here are some more of my favorite moments from her day trip of Bangkok, central and northern Thailand. The resort staff Mae Hong Son Resort: I love the resort where we stay.

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Most of the staff there are Karen hill tribe women and their friendliness is much of the fun of staying here; we get to benefit from the many years Kasma has been on her tours and formed lasting relationships with people all over Thailand.

We use this lovely resort for our command center as we spend the days exploring Mae Hong Son. View from our room Sunset at the resort Many of the rooms have lovely views of the rice fields, such as the one above from our room last year. While staying in Mae Hong Son, we always take one day to go up the extremely windy roads to the little town of Ban Rak Thai see below.

This past year some activity in the fields directly off the road caught our eye. It was great fun, wandering through the fields on raised mounds in-between the crops, crossing over a rickety bridge, really just a few sticks of bamboo, over a stream, and meeting farmers and a woman resting in her home, right amongst the fields.

Favorite trip

Crossing a Favorite trip Spreading straw To Favorite trip left we see the bridge we needed to cross on our impromptu excursion.

The farmer on the right is spreading straw in-between the rows of crops. Show in Google Maps. The village was founded by ex-Kuomintang soldiers from Yunnan province who had to leave China when the Communists took over. The Thai government allowed them to settle here where they began growing tea and eventually became Thai citizens: One nice thing about the village is that it will never be heavily-touristed: Even in our mini-vans, we stop at one point on the way back down to allow the brakes to cool off.

Chinese feast After reaching the town, we go to Gee Lee, the original and best of the tea-houses and restaurants. We start out by sampling and buying several kinds of tea: Oolong teas, green teas and a ginseng-infused tea. We then have a Yunnan-style feast; and I do mean feast!

There are delicious pork dishes, including skin-on, stewed pork leg succulent and rich and a tasty pork-belly dish. The dishes in the picture are clockwise from leftbuns to be eaten with pork legstewed pork leg, pork belly and an appetizer platter with sour pork sausage, thousand-year old eggs, egg rolls, pork ribs and cashews.

Favorite trip

After eight delicious dishes, we were well-gruntled indeed! Not only do you get to see some beautiful scenery, you get a better sense of the country.

Mae Hong Son province, in particular, is quite lovely and people who fly into Mae Hong Son city miss the scenic beauty. On one of the routes from Chiang Mai via Mae Sariang there are curves: We stop at a vista point where we saw the lovely view to our left.

Lisu girls At one stop with fabulous views, we came across these Lisu girls, dressed in traditional garb, available to be photographed, for a fee.

On this last trip, they approached Kasma and asked for a few baht and she told them: The next thing we knew, they were enthusiastically throwing themselves in the air for us to photograph.

Jun 19,  · Hi friends! We are planning a trip this September with 5 yo DD and thought I could start a thread with our favorite announcement ideas. We definitely want to give her some advance notice (rather than a big reveal the day of). "The very best I've ever read, my favorite thing in all world literature (and that includes all the heavy classics) is a novelette called Calumet K by Merwin-Webster," Rand wrote in The book. Clemson preparing for road trip to Texas A&M as nearly 2-TD favorite, and other early line notes.

And they will get their pictures this coming year when we pass that way again. Wat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai: Thailand is a Buddhist country and we visit many temples on our trip. We spend a morning at the temple, seeing all the Buddha statues, the bustling activity and the Thai people offering incense and walking clockwise around the main chedi the Thai word for stupa.

Buddha statues Passionfruit juice vendor To the left we see some of the Buddha statues that circle the main chedi.Favorite Family Trip: My Honeymoon in Europe Future Plans: Outreach in our community, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and adopting lots of children!

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Personally, I think effective road trip games should require no more equipment than your own set of sensory, thinking, and noise-making organs, and ideally, should be able to involve everyone.

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