Fpma writing a cover

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Fpma writing a cover

fpma writing a cover

Zoom Out Reset image size Figure 1. Simultaneous source and background light curves from the six instruments on Suzaku and NuSTAR that observed IC A simultaneously inintegrated over all energies for each detector. Source counts are shown with crosses in circles, background counts with plain crosses.

Background colors match the source colors and the vertical order of appearance is the same as for the source data points, except for the PIN background, which is second from the top of the background data points.

The light curves are required to be strictly simultaneous and are normalized by their effective areas in the given energy ranges in order to account for the differences between instruments.

This fractional variability spectrum, or rms Fvar, is derived using the methods described in Edelson et al. If this emitting gas is located at many thousands of gravitational radii from the corona, as described in AGN unification schemes, it would not vary on the timescales of our observing campaign, meaning that we should expect to see such a dip in the rms Fvar spectrum.

Root mean square rms fractional variability vs. Standard image High-resolution image Export PowerPoint slide Given the lack of short timescale variability in our observations of IC A, along with its overall modest flux and hardness ratio changes, we use the time-averaged spectrum in all of the broad band spectral fitting Sections 4.

A discussion of the modest spectral variability is deferred to Section 4.

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The use of simultaneous Suzaku and NuSTAR data allows us to better constrain the parameters of the continuum and reflection, and to constrain the cutoff energy of the power-law component.

We also consider the spectral variability of the source, examining the high-flux versus low-flux spectra in order to understand the physical processes driving the flux evolution in IC A.

Here we use the TBabs model of Wilms et al. Strong residuals remain when the entire bandpass is considered, however the XIS 1 data are ignored above 7 keV due to a rapid loss in detector sensitivity above this energy. An emission line-like feature remains in the residuals at 0.

This feature can be modeled with a Gaussian that likely represents a blend of the resonance, intercombination and forbidden O vii emission lines.

fpma writing a cover

This residual feature also does not appear to be a simple consequence of using only one layer of intervening gas to describe the intrinsic absorption of the source, since adding in a second absorber does not improve the fit, nor does it mitigate this feature.

The succession of data-to-model ratios from the simple power-law and absorbed power-law models is shown in Figure 4which also highlights the putative O vii line and the residuals in the Fe K band. The horizontal green line represents a perfect fit, or a data-to-model ratio of unity.

The iron edge is also clearly seen at 7. No strong, broadened emission in the Fe K band is immediately apparent to the eye, though there are indications of a possible Compton shoulder or iron line red wing at 6.

The goodness-of-fit for the 0. Substituting a broad Gaussian emission line at 6. This velocity is consistent with that found by Shu et al. The inclusion of a relativistic line via the relline model Dauser et al. We proceed under the assumption that the excess emission redward of 6.By: Dr.

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