Is google making us stupid essay carr

I tried being creative and incorporated my opinion into the summary. Shooting Game September 4th is a historically important date for two reasons. One, that is my birthday.

Is google making us stupid essay carr

Is Google making us stupid? The human brain is malleable. As we use Google are we becoming Google? Do we really want that? The human brain is almost infinitely malleable James Olds, a professor of neuroscience who directs the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University, says that even the adult mind "is very plastic Or maybe our ability to retain and process information will continue to dwindle.

Those were the things we read before e-mail, Web browsing, and Twitter came on the scene.

Is google making us stupid essay carr

Speaking of Twitter, am I the only one who views it as further evidence of a soundbite culture that struggles even to think beyond character blips? We really don't want to think like Google. We don't want to speak like Twitter. We don't want to converse like e-mail.

And yet we increasingly do, as the Internet reshapes the world in its image. The Internet promises to have particularly far-reaching effects on cognition The Internet, an immeasurably powerful computing system, is subsuming most of our other intellectual technologies.

It's becoming our map and our clock, our printing press and our typewriter, our calculator and our telephone, and our radio and TV. When the Net absorbs a medium, that medium is recreated in the Net's image.

It injects the medium's content with hyperlinks, blinking ads, and other digital gewgaws, and it surrounds the content with the content of other media it has absorbed. A new e-mail message, for instance, may announce its arrival as we're glancing over the latest headlines at a newspaper's site.

The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration. Which is why I'm returning to my books. I read a fair amount-- the classics, mostly --but generally only when I'm traveling.Carr feels as if he losing the ability to control his own mind, not that he has lost it, but that it is changing.

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He believes the cause of this is the fact that the Internet has become a "universal medium for him" (). Feb 08,  · Nicholas Carr’s article ” is Google making us stupid?” is a very challenging and convincing piece of writing for two reasons.

First the issue related and described in this article are all true and connected to our reality today. Essay 1: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Summary and response of the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr. 3 pages. Study Tips If the subject matter includes structures, practice drawing those structures.

Remember that a drawing is useless unless the . Essay about Is Google Making Us Stupid?, by Nicholas Carr Words 6 Pages With the rise of technology and the staggering availability of information, the digital age has come about in full force, and will only grow from here.

This essay is on Carr's article "Is Google Making Us Stupid." The assignment is to summarize and add my opinion on it. I tried being creative and incorporated my opinion into the summary. here it is%(1). My first impression of the article is that I don’t believe google is what is making us stupid.

Carr’s argument is that because of our use of skimming and using the internet’s shortcuts, we are unable to focus on things like reading a book anymore.

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