Lab 1 nmap scan

NMap Lab Exercise Note: You will be required to try out all the NMAP commands on the sniffer labeled R host that belongs to your assigned pod. By using scanners such as Nmap, the attacker are able to sweep networks and look for vulnerable targets. Once these targets are identified, an intruder is able to scan for listening ports.

Lab 1 nmap scan


List several services running on each host list host by host with IP separately? Is Nmap able to identify the operating system running on each system? Is there any Nmap feature that can be used to guess the OS of the host?

Using the ports that are open and the probable services running on those ports, determine what operating systems are running on each host separately. NMap is able to identify the OS of two of the systems without issue.

On Windows 7 and 8 devices, port typically shows the service as ms-wbt-server, or Microsoft Windows Based Terminal Server Microsoft, n. The system with IP It is most likely a Linux distribution because dnsmasq is included with most modern versions of Linux, Lab 1 nmap scan presence of OpenSSH is very rare on Android devices, and a system with OS X would most likely have a number of Apple specific services running.

Linux, on the other hand, is often run in virtual environments.

Lab 1 nmap scan

Therefore, the odds are with the system being some version of Linux. There are Nmap options available to help guess the operating system of a scanned device. Furthermore, version scanning can help identify specific versions of services running, which can lead to a more accurate estimation of OS.

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Version scanning can detect services whether they are running on their standard ports or whether an administrator has configured them to run on an obscure port.

Version scanning works by probing ports that do not give their version banners or do not give enough information in their version banners upon engaging in a TCP three-way handshake with Nmap Skoudis,p.

Once the banners are received, Nmap matches them to entries in a service database stored locally on the scanning device. Which host appears most secure? The host that appears to be the most secure, strictly from a port scan perspective, is the host with the IP address Such little information was discovered that an attacker has no good place to start enumerating information or launching attacks.

Metaphorically speaking, it would be akin to a soldier shooting blindly into the dark and hoping to land a bullet somewhere vulnerable. It is running the following potentially vulnerable services: For example, sniffing traffic over port 80 can reveal information transported over HTTP in plaintext, including user credentials in some cases.

Depending on the version of SSL being used, encrypted traffic can be decrypted on the fly and a man-in-the-middle or man-in-the-browser can be executed. Older versions of Microsoft Windows allows null session connections, or connections that do not require authentication, to certain file shares, principally the Inter-Process Communication IPC share.

If Windows is configured to allow null sessions connections, an attacker can access this share and possibly pivot to others without having to authenticate.

No exploit is needed to launch a null session connection. An attacker or tester needs only to create the null session in the command line with the following command: Describe several important uses of Nmap.

Lab 1 nmap scan

Nmap is an incredible network scanning tool used for the reconnaissance of network information for security, administration, and network troubleshooting. Working backwards from that list, Nmap can provide a comprehensive dump of information on a particular host, group of hosts, or an entire network when network communications issues begin.

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For example, if a software update or a change to group policies is made and, as a result, a number of devices cannot connect to specific server services, network engineers can use Nmap to scan across hosts that are having the issue and those that are not and compare the results.

It may not yield helpful results, but it could show a characteristic of those troubled devices that might be otherwise overlooked. If that service is off on all of the troubled devices but running on all of the others, the network engineers can hone in on that service to figure out why it has not started or restarted.Home» Run a Zenmap Scan Run a Zenmap Scan.

This exercise complements material in the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY Study Guide. If you haven’t, you can follow the instructions in the Download and Install Nmap lab.

NMAP command

1) Use ipconfig to identify your IP address and subnet mask. If you don’t know how to do so. Nmap is a network mapping tool used to scan networks for live hosts, certain services, or to determine specific operating systems (Orebaugh & Pinkard, ). Based on the lab, Nmap has many features that can be used to obtain a .

Part 1 - Set up

May 16,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Nmap LAB EXERCISE CSEC LAB-1 University of Maryland University College B-McDerm February 16, ASSIGNMENT PART A-NMAP Lab Questions: Part A. Review the Lab 5 Nmap Scan Report. On page 6, what ports and services are enabled on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance device?

/tcp open ssl/http Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance http config 3. Review the Lab 5 Nmap Scan Report. Nmap (Network mapper) is a powerful tool used by administrators for many reasons such as: building an asset inventory, determining the open ports or operating system of a host, and as part of exercises to.

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