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Special Victims Unit," now in its 20th season, is the longest-running primetime drama currently on television. As acting commander of the SVU, Lt. Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay is a seasoned veteran of the unit who has seen it all. She leads with empathy and professionalism, all the while dealing with her difficult past as a product of rape and her future as mother to a young child, both of which influence the way she relates to the victims and perpetrators of each case.

Law order svu

SVU has been on the scene for 19 seasons, and one thing has remained constant: The long-running show has featured a revolving door of ensemble cast members, from detectives to ADAs, all turning in memorable performances through the years.

The latest exit happened in the Wednesday, Feb. SVU memory lane with us and take a look back at how the NBC police drama has handled character exits in the past. Warning, this may make you long for characters of yesterday. SVU season are streaming now on Hulu.

He returned in season 13 and recurred as a love interest for Olivia Benson, appearing in season 14, 15 and again The character revealed to a police shrink she met a former rape suspect in a bar and had sex with him, and is then taken off active duty before being transferred to the Vice squad.

Hurd went on to star in Showtime's Leap Years, and rumors surrounding why she exited stayed just that—rumors. SVU after three years on the show in season five. Her character was placed in the Witness Protection Program after a drive-by shooting involved with her prosecution of a drug lord.

She was able to say goodbye to Stabler and Benson. Cabot returned in season six's "Ghost" after the man who attempted to assassinate her was arrested, but returned to life in a new identity after the trial.

She returned periodically in season 11 before joining the International Criminal Court. She later returned for several episode of season It was a fantastic work experience and I really miss the people quite a bit.

But, you know, you get to a point where you feel like, as a character, you kind of said everything you can say. And then it becomes quite redundant. It was my first on-camera job after college. I got really lucky and I thought, I just have to do a couple of more things before I get too comfortable.

Perhaps all I need is a long break. Neal's ADA Novak appeared frombut in season nine the character violated due process and was facing punishment for the violation.

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She returned in season 12, revealing she was only censured for her infraction, but was then re-hired by the District Attorney's office. The character also returned in season Rumors about Neal's original departure from the series swirled at the time of her exit, with talk of a firing as a possible reason.Watch Law & Order: SVU.

This hard-hitting and emotional TV series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department.

Law order svu

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Law order svu

5/6 of the American Reader, available here.. season 1 “Payback”: Stabler and Benson investigate the murder and castration of a New York City cab discover that the victim assumed the identity of another man .

Our little group sentiments are not the only ones out there. Following in the footsteps of recipients such as Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Mariska Hargitay will be presented with the Monte Carlo Television.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit chronicles the life and crimes of the elite Special Victims Unit of the NYPD. Each episode features a new case to solve, new victims to console as well as the constant struggle for the detectives to juggle the emotional toll of the job and the pressure it .

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