On the other hand lexical bundles in academic writing and in the teaching of eap

Remedial English Courses: Remedial English is arranges mainly for the learners who have failed to learn correct English at appropriate stages. More over it is caught rather than taught. So the teacher has to set an example and present correct pronunciation. The only remedy for the phonology is drilling the students by making them memorize the phonetic symbols.

On the other hand lexical bundles in academic writing and in the teaching of eap

This study also tried to find solutions to help the students overcome the problems. The present study was largely qualitative. The participants of the study were nine students and one teacher at an EAP course in a university language center. The data were analyzed qualitatively with the help of some quantitative calculation.

Second, the data from classroom observations were summarized and analyzed qualitatively. Next, the data from interviews were transcribed and classified. Finally, the data from the three sources were synthesized to answer the research questions. It was found that the students had most problems with the lexical resource.

On the other hand, they had fewest problems with the task achievement. Summarizing significant features and writing at least words were the only problems faced by the students.

on the other hand lexical bundles in academic writing and in the teaching of eap

In terms of coherence and cohesion, the students had problems with spelling and making complex sentences but they did not encounter any problem with interpreting the task, using right pronoun, making introduction paragraph and developing body paragraphs.

They also encountered difficulty in using active and passive voice, in using prepositions in sentences, and in making different types of sentences.

Item Type:.How Brazilian learners express modality in their writing: a corpus-based study on lexical bundles.

on the other hand lexical bundles in academic writing and in the teaching of eap

Revista Intercâmbio, kaja-net.com: , São Paulo: LAEL/PUCSP. ISSN x 1 HOW BRAZILIAN LEARNERS EXPRESS MODALITY IN THEIR WRITING: A CORPUS-BASED STUDY ON LEXICAL BUNDLES Adriana Maria TENUTA (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais). academic world. on the other hand is one of theories, explanations, ideas.

and critiques. We can’t. experience them the same way as we experience the hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. In the academic world we learn from what is spoken, or more often written, about the world. This means that in the academic world you learn at second hand. Lexical bundles have been used to analyze characteristic language for a variety of communicative types and purposes.


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et al. () differentiated among newspaper prose, academic writing, conversational English, and fiction. Cortes () investigated differences between student and published writing in history and biology.

English for academic purpose (EAP) involves teaching students to use language appropriately for study, it in a branch of ESP. Aim of EAP: Its aim is to help the learners to study (or) research in English it covers a wide range of academic communicative practice. On the other hand, the Korean students’ essays were shown to have fewer incidences of nominalizations, hedging and referential bundles.

A concordance analysis of on the other hand, the most frequently used bundle, showed a substantial number of erroneous and ineffective uses of the bundle . ‘On the other hand’: Lexical bundles in academic writing and in the teaching of EAP.

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