Personal health asssesment

Marco approached Nurse Trish asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol addiction. Nurse Trish should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is: Nurse Hazel is caring for a male client who experience false sensory perceptions with no basis in reality.

Personal health asssesment

Which of the following is the primary predisposing factor related to mastitis? Epidemic infection from nosocomial sources localizing in the lactiferous glands and ducts Endemic infection occurring randomly and localizing in the periglandular connective tissue Temporary urinary retention due to decreased perception of the urge to avoid Breast injury caused by overdistention, stasis, and cracking of the nipples Which of the following best describes thrombophlebitis?

Inflammation and clot formation that result when blood components combine to form an aggregate body Inflammation and blood clots that eventually become lodged within the pulmonary blood vessels Inflammation and blood clots that eventually become lodged within the femoral vein Inflammation of the vascular endothelium with clot formation on the vessel wall Which of the following assessment findings would the nurse expect if the client develops DVT?

Midcalf pain, tenderness and redness along the vein Chills, fever, malaise, occurring 2 weeks after delivery Muscle pain the presence of Homans sign, and swelling in the affected limb Chills, fever, stiffness, and pain occurring 10 to 14 days after delivery Which of the following are the most commonly assessed findings in cystitis?


Decrease the incidence of nausea Maintain hormonal levels Reduce side effects Prevent drug interactions When teaching a client about contraception. Which of the following would the nurse include as the most effective method for preventing sexually Personal health asssesment infections?

Spermicides Condoms Vasectomy When preparing a woman who is 2 days postpartum for discharge, recommendations for which of the following contraceptive methods would be avoided?

Diaphragm Oral contraceptives Rhythm method For which of the following clients would the nurse expect that an intrauterine device would not be recommended?

Daily enemas Increased fiber intake Decreased fluid intake Which of the following would the nurse use as the basis for the teaching plan when caring for a pregnant teenager concerned about gaining too much weight during pregnancy?

Stethoscope placed midline at the umbilicus Doppler placed midline at the suprapubic region Fetoscope placed midway between the umbilicus and the xiphoid process External electronic fetal monitor placed at the umbilicus When developing a plan of care for a client newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which of the following instructions would be the priority?

Dietary intake Exercise Glucose monitoring A client at 24 weeks gestation has gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks. Which of the following would be the priority when assessing the client?

Speculum examination reveals 2 to 3 cms cervical dilation.

Personal health asssesment

The nurse would document these findings as which of the following? Threatened abortion Complete abortion Missed abortion Which of the following would be the priority nursing diagnosis for a client with an ectopic pregnancy?

Assess the vital signs Ambulate her in the hall Assist her to urinate Which of the following should the nurse do when a primipara who is lactating tells the nurse that she has sore nipples? Which of the following should the nurse do first? Report the temperature to the physician Recheck the blood pressure with another cuff Assess the uterus for firmness and position Determine the amount of lochia The nurse assesses the postpartum vaginal discharge lochia on four clients.

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Which of the following assessments would warrant notification of the physician? A dark red discharge on a 2-day postpartum client A pink to brownish discharge on a client who is 5 days postpartum Almost colorless to creamy discharge on a client 2 weeks after delivery A bright red discharge 5 days after delivery A postpartum client has a temperature of Which of the following should the nurse assess next?

Lochia Incision Urine Which of the following is the priority focus of nursing practice with the current early postpartum discharge? Promoting comfort and restoration of health Exploring the emotional status of the family Facilitating safe and effective self-and newborn care Teaching about the importance of family planning Which of the following actions would be least effective in maintaining a neutral thermal environment for the newborn?

Personal health asssesment

Talipes equinovarus Congenital hypothyroidism Increased intracranial pressure During the first 4 hours after a male circumcision, assessing for which of the following is the priority?

Infection Discomfort Dehydration The mother asks the nurse.This list of brief health assessment questions is organized by behavior or risk and sorted alphabetically. In some cases, you can choose one of two options (A or B, not both). Questions marked with are suitable for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) health risk assessment.

The Health Assessment is the foundation of the WebMD Health Services suite – the first step on a personal, customized path to your best possible life.


Wishing you had more energy? Looking to kick a bad habit? If you want to look and feel fantastic, start here. Any cash incentive for completing the Personal Health Assessment will be reported to the Payroll Office the month you complete the PHA and reflected in your next month's paycheck.

An employee may only earn the monetary incentive one time per calendar year. OnMyWay Health Assessment. Just a few minutes and some personal details — how you eat, how you sleep, how you live your life — can give you a personalized map to your best health.

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You can find out your risks and your best options to avoid them. Your customized Personal Wellness Report can tell you how to go from good to better. Sep 14,  · kaja-net.coms who are withdrawn may be immobile and mute, and require consistent, repeated interventions. Communication with withdrawn clients requires much patience from the THE NURSING CORNER.

Personal Health Assessments Our customizable Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire allows you to determine key health trends within your organization.

Available in English and Spanish, the HRA provides participants with a personal wellness report that includes specific steps and individualized recommendations to improve .