Ted hauoghs thrushes zahra karimi

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Ted hauoghs thrushes zahra karimi

ESPN has gone to a place of idiocy and political correctness that is even out there for them. Nope, this Robert Lee is Asian. Believe it or not, the fools in management at ESPN were concerned that having an Asian football announcer with the name of Robert Lee call a football game because it might e offensive to some viewers.

What vi ewers, the moron contingency? Here is a question to ESPN and those that want to continue to watch the network, do you really think the people that watch your network are really that stupid? ESPN i already hemorrhaging viewership, maybe its time we no longer watch this liberal network at all seeing that they want to be more political than sports.

Just how ridiculous and foolish has this got? Does this mean that some one is being discriminating against another for what another did. Even if this was the great, great grandson of Robert E.

Lee, is he to blame for what his ancestor did? ESPN, you are idiots and should be ashamed.


ESPN confirmed Tuesday night that it had decided to pull an announcer from calling a University of Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee. This Robert Lee is Asian. Lee had been scheduled to call the Cavaliers Sept.

Hmm, I am not seeing any similarities. What kind of mental midgets are running ESPN these days? Which begs the question, how does anyone make this kind of money for doing so very little? Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith: Skip Bayless says his move to Fox Sports 1 — with a new daily program that is set to bow Sept.

I can be completely honest on everything. So by the converse, it id AOK to criticize a white president? Am I missing something?

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Never has a president got more of a pass from the media ever. Had Obama been criticized and vetted as a candidate by the media, he would never have been elected president. But the MSM was all too consumed with have a black man elected. However, they were more concerned with no criticizing a black man.

Just a heads up, how do you think the MSM is going to cover Hillary Clinton, the potential first female president?

Ted hauoghs thrushes zahra karimi

I think we already know the answer. But, Jake, he is the African-American president. And as I said, he understands the issues that we as African-Americans face more than any other president that we have had. You know, we used to call Bill Clinton the first black president, but I mean, in reality, we know that — we know that was just sort of fun.

But, yes, I think he has more of a freedom. I said in the beginning that that issue would be a second term issue. He had to prove himself in the beginning. He had probably more criticism than most presidents because when you are the first of anything, there is a bigger responsibility put on you.

Journalists have to, black people have to, white people, Hispanic. We all must hold him to this because, as he said, it is an issue for the country, not just for one demographic. President Barack Obama has proved himself? Proved himself to be what, a socialist, authoritarian, imperial president hell-bent on destroying the United States and shredding the US Constitution?

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To qualify for this recognition in CLASS, students must earn a minimum grade point average (the grade of S is not counted) in twelve or more semester hours completed during the semester.

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