The struggle of moving away from home

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The struggle of moving away from home

The Struggle to Be First: Ledezma, 23, was born in Mexico and came to California with her family when she was 3; she currently has a student visa. She always knew that her parents put a high priority on education, even though neither had attended college.

If you're moving to a newly built house, say goodbye to mail delivery at your door.

She was encouraged and discouraged by her family at the same time. Many receive these kinds of mixed messages from home and friends.

Not all first-generation students are low income, but there is substantial overlap in the demographics. Less than two-thirds Of course, wide variations exist. Generally speaking, the more selective the college, the higher the graduation rate.

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Schools that are open to virtually all students have a graduation rate of Of transfer students almost one-third of the total number of new students at Berkeley, usually at the start of junior year and typically from a community college in —11, 83 percent graduated within three years of transferring.

Students at more selective universities often arrive better prepared and they often have access to more resources aimed at helping them stay in college, compared to those who enter less selective colleges, experts say. Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama released a video that deftly shows what experts say is the key challenge facing first-generations students: Mine were way too short.

The programs that enrich the college experience, such as study abroad, working for a professor, or playing intramural sports, may seem to be a waste of time, Pike says.

The struggle of moving away from home

David Beard, associate professor of rhetoric, scientific, and technical communication at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, was the sixth person in his family to get through middle school, the fourth to finish high school, and first to go to college and then graduate school.

Cal gets in touch with such students even before they even enroll, says Mejia.

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Although such ongoing support programs are needed, even seemingly small initiatives can make big differences. Along with coauthors MarYam Hamedani, associate director of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford, and Mesmin Destin, assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern, Stephens conducted an experiment at the beginning of the academic year.

In one intervention, third- and fourth-year students with widely varying backgrounds talked to a group of incoming freshmen—some first generation, some not. In another intervention, older students discussed the same issues without reference to social class.

Beard, of the University of Minnesota, who has experienced the difference of besing a first-generation student as well as a first-generation professor, said he strongly feels the need to mentor first-generation students who, like him, often feel lost and out of place.

Besides double-majoring, she holds down three part-time jobs: She is now debating whether to go to law school or get a Ph.

She hopes her younger brother, now in high school, will have it a little easier. She has Berkeley degrees in history and journalism.3 Problems People From Toxic Families Often Struggle With.

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MDs who studied medicine abroad suggest thinking hard before making a decision

And if you were to move to any other node, you'd see all the other nodes moving away from. May 21,  · > Pros and cons of attending college far away Pros and cons of attending college far away from home. Even for those who have gone abroad or spent every summer at sleep away camp, moving an.

5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick It's OK to miss home, but don't dwell on it.

The struggle of moving away from home

Instead, make college your home away from home.

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