Tourist leaflets on goa

Foxeswild boars and migratory birds are also found in the forests of Goa.

Tourist leaflets on goa

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Dabolim 29kms from Panaji Railhead: Madgaon 25 kms from Panaji People: English is widely spoken and understood.

Konkani The Official State language and Hindi are the other languages used for communication. Hindu, Christian and Muslim Time: Five and a half hours ahead of GMT. Maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall is upto mm in the monsoons June-August. Generally known as Holi, the month of Phalgun signifies the onset of what in Goa is known as Shigmo. Celebrated mostly by the masses in the close religious association of religious rites, the festival of Shigmo is accompanied by the fanfare of drum beats and the epic enactions of Mythology.

Colour in vivid vibrancy hues the festivities that bedeck every area that is celebrating Shigmo. Today, the Shigmotsav has highlighted its festivities with the performance of troupes in the form of parades and cultural dances. The streets in the townships, at dusk resound with the music of the Dholl, the drums and conches as huge effigies of wondrous colour and light effects parade their way to prize winning combinations.

It is a 3-day festival of fun and merry making and colourful floats, a 3 day orgy just before the day Lenten period of fasting. Huge parades through the cities are organised with bands, floats and dances and balls in the evenings. The final day concludes with the famous red-and-black dance held by the Clube Nacional in Panjim.

The origins of carnival are apparently the hedonistic feasts of ancient Rome and Greece. It made its appearance in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, where it metamorphosed into the very Latin singing-dancing.

The carnival is presided over by King Momo, who on the opening day declares the countdown to fun and merry making. Hotel bookings must be done in advance for carnival as the festival attracts thousands of tourists. We have a wide choice of beach resorts, mainland hotels all over Goa.

For a hotel guide Click here Beaches Beaches at Goa Anjuna - 18 km from Panaji and adjacent to Chapora Fort, it was the haunt of the flower generation in the sixties and still popular with the younger generation.

A key attraction here is a magnificent Albuquerque Mansion built inflanked by octagonal towers and an attractive Mangalore tile-roof. Secluded and picturesque, this beach is ideal for lazing around in the sun.

Agonda is the place if you are looking for peace and solitude. Arambol - About 50 km from Panaji, this is an unique beach in north Goa. It is both rocky and sandy and the most sought-after beach by foreign visitors. Baga - It is a secluded and pleasant beach with good recreational facilities like river cruises, water-skiing, yachting and fishing.

Staying here is no problem as there are many lovely, small cottages available.Places to Visit in Goa Goa is a verdant natural paradise bounded on the one side by the foothills of the Sahyadri range and on the other by the Arabian Sea.

The old adage is true: Living in Goa is. prepare a short tourist leaflet about a historical place or picnic spot. prepare a leaflet to attract tourists to your native place. tourist leaflet giving the information about a place near your. village/ town/ city. Tourist Leaflets.

Let's Learn English Grammar Tourist Leaflets Writing Skills Tourist Leaflets. Wednesday, 11 February Tourist Leaflets Posted by Prafulla Mahure 7 Comments. In the 'Tourist Leaflet' section remember to draw a text box first and write only within that. You will be marked for creating text box. Within the text box write only in. Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, India, goa tourism, goa holiday, go goa, beaches goa, temples goa, churches goa, church,vacation, This is the official website of Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, India. This website was last updated on October 15, Goa travel is one of the high points of the India tourist circuit. Goa is an enchanting land blessed with exotic landscapes, silvery golden beaches, green hills, lip smacking sea food and other.

Research Before we created our promotional materials such as posters, leaflets and flyers, we had to make sure that we were able to find a suitable price in which we can budget according to our finances. During our research, we were able to locate a suitable printing agency in which we could print our promotional materials in bulk, so we could hand out in the local area to.

Tourist leaflets on goa

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Prepare a Short tourist leaflet about Hill Station: How to go there? Where to stay/ Accommodation. When to visit? What to see? Anything special/ Add your own points. Ans. OOTY. Introduction: Ooty is the queen of Hill with beautiful lakes, rivers, scenery, etc.

It is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu. Goa travel is one of the high points of the India tourist circuit. Goa is an enchanting land blessed with exotic landscapes, silvery golden beaches, green hills, lip smacking sea food and other.

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