Writing a research report psychology of colors

Research reports are published in a format we are very familiar with, the IMRD, that plays nicely with an idealized version of the scientific method see figure below. The term "research report" is more accurate than the term "article" which refers to any major publication reviews, reports, editorials, guidelines, etc found in any journal, peer-reviewed or not. Research Reports Use IMRD to Manage Real Estate, Following an Idealized Scientific Method As we discussed earlier, the IMRD format is an expectation of science readers and a guideline for science writers -- it imposes a structure that makes it easy well, in relative terms for both readers and writers to know what they should be doing.

Writing a research report psychology of colors

One of such discoveries is the influence of color on the human mind—in particular, on the decision-making process. This influence turned out to be so significant that companies all over the world started to pay color a lot more attention when developing brands and introducing products on the global market.

Science has provided numerous confirmations to this thesis. Psychological mechanisms underlying this correlation are rather interesting. The human brain identifies colors as informational clusters, each conveying its own message.

writing a research report psychology of colors

Warm, bright colors, for example, such as orange, red, yellow, or beige, are active and eye-catching; they are perceived as friendly and energetic, and may motivate customers to enact certain behaviors. For example, it is known that orange and red, apart from their other properties, can increase appetite; this is why many fast-food restaurants use these colors in decor and logos.

Cold bright colors, such as silver or azure, are calmer, and are commonly associated with aesthetics and freshness. They are often associated with professionalism, rationalism, and harmony; brands willing to emphasize these characteristics often use cold, bright colors in their designs.

A lot of companies in the health industry and commerce use cold tones. Warm darker colors such as brown, dark-gold appeal to status, classics, and luxury.

These colors are often associated with expensive products aimed at highlighting the social and financial status of a customer. Cold, dark colors blue, green, navyin their turn, provide the feeling of stability and high quality, which is the reason why scientific, governmental, and financial organizations use them in their designs so often.

Finally, neutral colors—grey, black, and white—are used to compliment other color combinations Blurgroup. Brands all over the world have become keen on using colors to convey complex messages to their customers. For example, Japan Airlines JAL communicates an image of a powerful, authentically Japanese transportation airline, and wishes its customers good luck during the flight.

The logo of JAL consists of several components: The bird is an easily recognizable symbol of flight; at the same time, in many Asian countries, red is considered to be the symbol of luck and wealth.

Altogether, these elements form a clear message to customers. Another prime example is the UPS United Parcel Service brand image design; it is brown, which resembles traditions and solidity.

It can be seen that colors are used in branding for a solid reason.


Subconsciously, customers imbue brands with certain characteristics, based on the colors companies use in their designs; therefore, for brands, it is crucial to communicate their messages to customers clearly by using appropriate colors.Research may show that colors can cognitively influence our actions and reasoning towards certain situations in our lives.

The branch of psychology known as the cognitive perspective emphasizes what goes on in peoples heads, including reasoning, memory, how we understand language, how we solve problems, explain experiences and also how we.

An APA Research Paper Model Thomas Delancy and Adam Solberg wrote the following research paper for a psychology class. As you review their paper, read the side notes and examine the.

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In research methods, experimental psychology, and laboratory courses (e.g., some cognitive psychology or learning and behavior courses), your instructor may require a laboratory report, an empirical report on a project you have completed, or a re-.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing Every year, psychologists make amazing discoveries about the ways the human brain works.

writing a research report psychology of colors

Throughout decades of research, specialists have revealed numerous correlations between an individual’s behavior and ways of thinking, and their childhood, environment, relationship with parents and peers, gender, significant events, and many other factors.

Feb 04,  · An understanding of color psychology can help give your business an edge over the competition. the colors you choose can increase your chance .

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